August 19, 2017

Having Adequate Risk Management Policies

July 9, 2008 Andrew Wee

One of the takeaways from my friend, Tyler Project managing partner Leonard Lin’s experience of having his Facebook account suspended this past week, has been to manage your risk, especially in the area of technology risk management. Failure to do so could mean a disruption in your business activities and […]

Beware All Start-Ups: Don’t Show Google Your Wares

June 25, 2008 Andy Beal

If LimitNone LLC wins the lawsuit it just filed against Google, it could send a warning signal to other start-ups: don’t show Google your wares, because it will steal your technology out from under you. That’s effectively what LimitNone is saying, with its lawsuit alleging Google stole its system for […]

Effective Lessons From A Product Launch

June 4, 2008 Dharmesh Shah

A few days ago, my startup HubSpot, launched a new app called Press Release Grader. It’s not our core product, but a free tool for marketers and PR folks to analyze a press release and provide suggestions. The launch has gone exceptionally well for us (and by that, I mean, […]

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